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Meet Claire, the visionary founder and owner of Body Rituals, a sanctuary for holistic well-being. With a career spanning over a decade in the realm of beauty therapy and a background as a makeup artist, Claire’s passion for nurturing others’ beauty and well-being is evident in her work.

As a dedicated Yoga teacher and a current student of Yoga Therapy, Claire brings a profound understanding of the mind-body connection to her practice. Her passion for women’s wellness and embodiment infuses her work with a deep sense of purpose.

Claire’s qualifications and training in holistic health, including Ayurveda, provide a unique depth to her approach, allowing her to guide clients on transformative journeys to holistic wellness, self-discovery, and a profound connection with their own embodiment.

In her free time, Claire finds peace and inspiration by immersing herself in nature with her two loyal canine companions.

As the driving force behind Body Rituals, Claire’s commitment to promoting holistic well-being and celebrating individual beauty shines through in every aspect of the sanctuary. Her mission is to empower others to embrace their inner vitality and create their own sacred rituals of self-care. With Claire’s guidance, you’ll discover the path to wellness through mind, body and soul connection.

How to elevate yourBody's Benefits

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